variotherm (瓦勒)源自欧洲,译意“变化的温度”。瓦勒致力于室内气侯冷暖系统,是空气能热泵冷暖输配领域的领导者。
  瓦勒崇尚工艺、技术、革新、引领的企业文化,在业界享有盛誉。VARIOTHERM 瓦勒的产品及服务包括水箱、换热器、耦合、泵站、传感、自控、安全组件、管路系统、快速接头、超薄模块、减压阀组、过滤装置、电动阀门、高低温混水集控中心、辐射末端管道(PERT/PEX-C/PEX-AL-PEX)、WIFI温控系统、执行器、气侯补偿器、APP开发维护、系统设计、技术交流培训等,主机以外的全系产品及服务。因其产品的纵深长,专业集成度高,品牌服务支撑力强成为行业典范,是业内罕见的产品服务营销一体化企业。
  Heating , Cooling , Comfort........瓦勒,最可信赖的空气源热泵输配系统专家!



 Variotherm comes from Europe and translates to "the temperature of change". Variotherm is committed to indoor air cooling and heating system, and is a leader in the field of air heat pump cooling and heating transmission and distribution.      Variotherm upholds the corporate culture of technology, technology, innovation and guidance, and enjoys high reputation in the industry. VARIOTHERM WAL's products and services include water tanks, heat exchangers, coupling, pumping stations, sensing, automatic control, safety components, pipeline systems, fast joints, ultra-thin modules, pressure relief valves, pressure relief valves, filter devices, electric valves, high and low temperature mixed water centralized control center, radiation terminal pipe (PERT/PEX-C/PEX-AL-PEX), WIFI temperature control system, implementation. Products, services and other products outside the main engine, such as walker, gas compensator, APP development and maintenance, system design, technical exchange training, etc. Because of its long vertical length, high professional integration and strong brand service support, it has become a rare product service marketing integrated enterprise in the industry.      Heating, Cooling, Comfort... Variotherm, the most reliable expert of air source heat pump transmission and distribution system!